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What we do (in a nutshell): Delivering boutique wines & tasting events to real wine lovers to escape boredom and have access to limited offers!

Blog Contributors... JuliaMaria, ToriLaura, Serhat, Sofia, Kirsty, Simon, Lili, Brad, Corinne, Tom

The people behind this venture: I founded 'Fine Wine To Me' not long after I moved to London. Graduating from university as an Economist I always had an entrepreneurial spirit and working in the hospitality sector and later in the wine trade, I felt like this was the perfect combination for me. However I wouldn't be able to do this alone, without the help of my wife, Anita and some of my friends, Louis, Alex, Lili, Brad and Corinne (to mention just a few) we wouldn't be here now.

Csaba Toth