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Vidacycle, Tinte Orange Wine Botttle

Vidacycle, Tinte Orange Wine 2014/2015

Vidacycle, Tinte Orange Wine 2014/2015



A very interesting natural orange wine made from the Pais grape.

TINTE 2015 is full of life, dry and earthy, with a dash of salty ocean freshness. It’s got all the flavours of a beautifully simple orange wine, but is made like a rosé. Particularly delicious with cheese and lighter dishes. Drink it lightly chilled ~ 14C.

TINTE 2014 is a later harvest so the grapes were deliciously sweet, full of the heat of that year bringing out a twinkle of strawberry, so you can soak up the Pais sweetness and mineraly moments. This is a sweeter wine, so it's perfect to drink on its own or with cheese. Fun before or after dinner, drink it cold (around 6ºC).


Country: Chile
Region: Loncomilla Valley
Vintage: 2014/2015
Grape Variety: Pais
ABV: 15 %
Volume: 750 ml