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Virtual Wine Tasting

Virtual Wine Tasting

Virtual Wine Tasting



Book Your Virtual Wine Event Now! 


My name is Csaba, founder of FineWineToMe. I’ve been in the wine trade for over a decade in various roles and positions. Wine is not just my job it is also my passion too and I’d love to share this awesome subject with you… 

If you are up for a fun experience, please don’t hesitate to book now and join me to Try some outstanding wines you might have not tasted before! 

Warning, this isn’t going to be the usual snobbish wine tasting, because we believe wine is there to be enjoyed, not to be over analysed. 


How it works: 

    1. Book your preferred case type (from ‘3 Bottle Intro to Wine’ to ‘6 Bottles Fine Wine’), we will get in touch to find out the theme and date you prefer
    2. We will deliver the wines to your door and you’ll receive a Zoom invitation for the tasting
    3. Enjoy and learn about the wines in a fun way

Available Dates in 2022: 28th Jan, 29th Jan, 4th Feb, 5th Feb, 11th Feb, 12th Feb, 18th Feb, 19th Feb, 25th Feb, 26th Feb… For further dates, get in touch. 

The tasting is about 60 - 90 minutes long. Tasting notes of the wines and food pairing suggestions are sent via email prior to the tasting. 

Hope to taste with you soon!