Corinne O'Connor - Winemaker

Corinne O'Connor - Winemaker

I first began my journey in wine as a fresh university graduate who started taking wine classes while I had a corporate office job. After taking too many classes, the owner of the wine school — and adjacent fine wine shop — asked if I’d like to work a night a week in the store since I have “already tried most of the wines they were selling”. Enthusiastic and passionate about high quality wines from great producers, this enthusiasm transformed into an opportunity to become a fine wine and craft spirits sales rep for one of the best distributor/importers on the East Coast.

Being exposed to some of the best wine in the world, I continuously fine tuned my palate and sought out multiple professional certifications, but always stayed most interested in the producer side of the industry. After a few years as a rep, I decided to take the leap into the world of wine production. Training under an award winning female winemaker at one of the top wineries in Pennsylvania, I found working in the cellar and vineyard the most satisfying work I have ever done.

In August, 2019 I moved to Dorset to pursue my dream of owning a vineyard and a winery. I have become one of the most vocal supporters of the UK wine industry, but still have a love for fine wine from all over the globe. With this Christmas Case I hope to share high quality varietals from top producers I love and believe in.

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