Destination in a Glass

Destination in a Glass

I often wondered what makes a good wine. Have you?

Would it be the aromas, the acidity, the tannins, or just the overall balance? To be honest quite often I say the balance, at least I thought it is... and yes, I think I'm right, in fact I am convinced that a wine is only really good if the balance is right. Well in technical terms at least, but what about the 'non-technical terms'!? 

One day when I opened a bottle of red on a lovely August afternoon and sit down in the armchair in the corner of our bedroom (why in the bedroom? - No idea) and looked at the wall, where we have a world map above the bed, I looked through the glass and at that moment I got it!!!

Yes, I think now I know the answer! Whether it was because of the delicious cherry aromas of the Pinot Noir, the slight breeze coming through the open window, the silence of the leafy street on a quiet summer afternoon or because my dog was sleeping so peacefully on the bed - please don't judge, Dino is only dog on paper, in reality he is a whippet and if you know anything about the breed you should know that they don't sleep on the floor - anyway back to the topic, I realised what makes a good wine, I mean a really awesome wine (I bet you are excited now)...

It makes you want to travel. You feel like you want to pack your backpack and jump on a plane or a train (or a canoe, whatever) and you want to go and visit places where people make wine and tell you stories and just hang out with you with a glass of wine and just talk. Maybe that wine isn't 100% great, maybe it is even a tiny bit off balance but the feeling what you get is absolutely spot on. Getting to know people even for just a short period of time and hear what they have to tell you is great. Just as great as a glass of potentially 'non-perfect' wine which you drink while you are on holiday. 

Have you noticed, if you have a particular wine on a magical 'far-far-away' place on the terrace of a local family run restaurant and take the same bottle home, it doesn't always taste the same or at least as magical as it did then and there?! I'm quite certain there is something to do with that moment I'm desperately trying to explain to you now.

So in my mind a good wine is a wine which makes me want to travel. Travel to places I have never been or places I visited but wouldn't mind going back. Travel without expectation and just for fun. So, if you found that wine, savour it with pleasure and go on travelling!

The wine made me realise this was the Rhinestones by the way - Thanks Kirsty! You can read Kirsty's article which made me open that bottle by clicking here.

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