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Julia's Thoughts on the Oxford Wine Fest 2017

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The picturesque city of Oxford needs no formal introductions. Visiting this city has been on my former secondary school student self’s bucket list for years. The first feeling that strikes you in this town of medieval knowledge is the close knit sense of community amplified by the narrow streets and hidden little lanes leading you into undiscovered alleyway pubs or an independent boutique store with vintage books and records.
The two-day Oxford Wine Festival was held in the prestigious Oxford Union building. As I aimlessly wandered around the union halls before the start of the event, I couldn’t help but notice the wide variety of exclusive and exotic looking wines. The festival brought together producers and traders of unique and outlandish products from all over England.
True to English style the event was off to a stormy and wet start, however this did not hinder the amount of people drawn in by the magical atmosphere of the union building magnified by the live music and the excitement of fellow exhibitors proudly showcasing their noteworthy goods.
I was not the only one taken aback by the historic value of the venue, the atmosphere translated into people’s moods that night. Guesting more than four hundred people, the festival was buzzing with excitement.
This was FineWineToMe’s first visit to Oxford Festival and it was an amazing experience for the whole team. FineWineToMe is notable for its great selection of unusual product made from one of a kind and indigenous grape varieties. It was fascinating and engaging to meet with wine lovers possessing an appreciation for rare and unique wines, which is what this festival is recognised for.
The most popular wine by far was the Balassa Zeta Mezes-Maly Tokaji Late Harvest 2013 and with good reason! With only 1040 bottles ever made, this rare dessert wine is a wine collector’s dream and an essential specimen of its kind in any respectable wine cellar (reserved for a special occasion no less). Further selections included white wines from Hungary and Luxembourg, a rose from Morocco and red wines from Austria and England.
 Another crowd pleaser were our BRIX chocolates invented for wine. As many of our customers noticed, these unique chocolates make excellent Christmas gifts to wine loving family members who already have everything else in life. What makes these chocolates special you ask? The cocoa beans are specially sourced and matched uniquely with tannin and acidity levels in certain types of wine and each type of chocolate is designed to bring out the flavor of their respective wine. These amazing chocolates are available on our website, check them out!
We had a great time and would like to thank everybody who came up to our stand and tried our products. It was a pleasure talking to so many lovely people over the two days and we hope that you enjoyed the event as much as we did. You will definitely find us there next year!
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